I had the pleasure of speaking with Ray Scott. Ray is one of the few country music artists that truly has kept the roots and traditions of country music alive.

When it comes to getting traditional country music played on main stream radio, Ray Scott sums it up best by telling me,

I'm not on a crusade to change the way country music is heading...I'm finding different ways to get heard...It's just what comes natural to me."

Country music's foundation is based on real life. Tragedy to triumph, the ability of an artist to relate his/her feelings in a song and have written it well enough that the listener feels the emotion, is why country music has been so popular decade after decade.

Country music has gone through changes over the last few years and barely resembles the music from a decade ago. But as long as there is heartbreak, as long as there are hard working people who get down on their luck, there will always be a place for the type of music that Ray Scott delivers.

Ray Scott will hit The Jam In The Valley Stage Thursday night.

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