Who remembers this one?? It is a throwback Thursday around the country and this one has us thinking back to a great show! But were you there for the big surprise?

It was a night remember as Reba sang her big hits and had us all in the palm of her hand! From "Fancy" to "Does He Love You", we sang along with every single word. But the highlight of the night is when Reba welcomed Melissa Peterman, aka Barbara Jean to the stage!

Reba puts on one of the most energetic and entertaining shows you can see! The lights, the songs and the dramatic interludes make you get more than your money's worth. Reba is an icon and no doubt is one of the all time greatest performers of our time.

Reba is currently appearing in a new television series on ABC. She has been on plenty of shows and the most famous of those was the show with her own name "REBA".

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