Electric cars are believed to be the future of transportation. The price tag and the lack of ways to "recharge" electric vehicles has been a bump in the road getting motorists to get on board and purchase these cars.

New York State wants to be on the leading edge of the electric car technology and Governor Cuomo announced that Rochester will be the model city for electric car charging stations throughout New York.

On Monday, Cuomo announced an electric vehicle campaign that will feature the installation of hundreds of charging stations across New York. In an effort to off-set the costs and get more people to move toward purchasing these electric vehicles, the state will also offer incentives.
Governor Cuomo has previously announced his plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions in New York 40 percent by the year 2030.

According to a recent report out of Vermont,

"Electric vehicle (EV) owners report very high satisfaction with their cars, with J.D. Power and Associates citing that 82.5% of owners indicate they “definitely will” or “probably will” buy another electric vehicle of the same brand (up from 49.8% for vehicle owners overall)"

While the plans for New York's charging stations aren't all that clear, some states have begun using them and there are clear issues with them. For example, price. Will New York charge for the use of these stations? Will they be scattered well enough for it to make sense to all those that own EVs?
It can be frustrating enough to find a gas station when you need one and they are everywhere. The though of not being able to locate an electric vehicle charging station can be enough to keep the average motorist from moving forward on a purchase.

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