If you have been to other major cities around the country, than you know that traffic can be truly horrific.

New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Dallas has awful traffic. Even cities like Nashville and Minneapolis has bad traffic, that happens on a daily basis.

We don't have that kind of traffic in Buffalo. The worst that usually happens is a fender-bender that causes an extra 15-20 minute delay. Most of the time, things go smoothly, even during drive times in the morning and afternoon.

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However, there are spots that are the biggest trouble roads in Western New York; including a few intersections that people cannot stand.

If you live in Western New York, you know there is one intersection that is above all else in how long you wait there.

The five corners in Orchard Park.

The five corners in Orchard Park intersects Southwestern Blvd, Orchard Park Road, Union Road and Lake Avenue. You have to wait for each turn signal and then the Lake Ave. light, which adds more time onto it. There are times you don't even reach the light in time if you are heading south towards the stadium.

If it backs up enough in the afternoon, you could wait two light sequences.

This intersection needs a roundabout.

The problem is the fact it would have to be shutdown, at least partly, for some time. It would also cost money and time to do this. It's understandable why it hasn't happened but it should be done eventually.

That part of Orchard Park gets very busy because of the fact it intersects major roads and the business around it; such as Tops, Taffy's, Duffs, McDonalds, and much more right there in that vicinity.

Who else wants a roundabout here?

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