It took my wife and me a long time to come to terms with getting our daughter a cell phone.  Why do kids so young need them?  That’s the question that we kept asking.  Once the answer became clear that she DID need one, and she could prove she was mature enough to take care of it, she got one.  So when can she use it?

That’s the question being asked in schools as well these days.  Many kids have phones, but should they be allowed to have them in class?

They can certainly be a huge distraction not only to the student that has one but also to the other kids around them.  There’s no question about that.

Many teachers not only say no to using them in class but they’ll have a designated place at the front of the class where students are instructed to leave them as they come in.  They are the property of the students or parents so do teachers have the right to take them away in class?

I say yes.  My parents never had a hard time (that I knew of) getting a hold of us if there was an emergency at school.  If there isn’t an emergency, I want my kids paying attention to what’s going on in class…not looking at their phone.

So where do you stand on it?  Do you think the kids should be able to keep them and just be responsible enough to not use them or have them out during class?  Or do you think the teachers have the right to avoid it all together and confiscate them to avoid the temptation?

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