As families across Western New York get ready to head back to school next month there could more changes coming their way.

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This week New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that low-risk High School sports like Tennis and Soccer could start their Fall seasons as early as Septemeber 21st.

It looks like not everyone is on board with that recommendation. The Council Of School Superintendents Tweeted out the letter that they send to the Governor asking him to consider moving all Fall sports back until at least January 2021.

According to the letter, the council feels that there are several reasons to push back the start of sports including the challenges that school sports put on the school system during the pandemic. From locker room spacing to spectators and transportation of athletes.

It also states in the letter that the council is not recommending that Fall sports are not played but pushed back to 2021 and allow schools to work on the schedule for the Fall sports season to be played in the Spring or Summer.

You can read the whole letter here:

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association


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