There isn't much that you can't get at Target. They've got everything from toiletries and clothing to electronics and groceries. Now they've jumped in to one of the biggest industries of all...weddings! That's right, you could buy your wedding dress at Target.

Well, you couldn't go to a Target store and buy it, but they are available online. The bridal line was released last month and goes by the name Tevolio. The name comes from the Italian, Ti voglio, which translates roughly to "I love you," according to a Target press release.

It's much more affordable for sure. Wedding dresses these days can sell anywhere in the range from four to five figures. The Tevolio brand dresses will sell at three figures. That's right, you could get your wedding dress from $69.99 to $129.99. Granted, the dresses are very plain looking, but that's what some people are looking for. Plus you only wear it for one day.

Would you ever buy your wedding dress at Target?

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