The response was incredible.  We really didn't know what to expect.  But Western New Yorkers always, always come thru when it's for a good cause and there's not a better cause than St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

We were only asking a dollar, but I often saw people open their wallets and put tens and twenties in the donation jar.  Some people, especially kids would drop in every coin they had.

In return I would guess their birth month or their weight and unfortunately I made some people, especially women a little angry.  It would go something like this....."I think you weigh 145 pounds."  "What?  Did you hear what he said?  145 pounds?  Do I look 145 pounds?"  Dale was wrong again.

We were keeping track for a while, but it became so lopsided that after a while it was obvious that I would be kissing a cow for being wrong far more often than not.  That event will come soon in a separate video.

But anyway, it was all for a good cause and in the end we raised more than $3,325.00.  That was just the cash, plus there was a pile of coins we never got a chance to count.  So for a first time out, not bad for such a deserving charity.

Again, our thanks to everyone who came out to the fair and opened up their hearts and their wallets.  Your generosity is appreciated by so many.