It's no secret that it's pretty tough finding an affordable place to live, really anywhere in Western New York. The home buying market has gone up considerably lately and it seems as if rent costs have gone up as well.

You add in the fact that prices for food, supplies, and other essentials are gradually increasing and it's a tough time for many in the Buffalo area.

I currently live in South Buffalo, but I'm always looking for a future spot to move to, whether it's an apartment or house. Every suburb or town in Western New York is different from one another too; some have higher apartment prices than others, while home costs fluctuate as well.

It's easy to forget what kind of stores, restaurants, and gas stations are in a given area that can contribute to the overall living costs for someone or a family.

From what I've gathered over my time living in Western New York, there are certain regions that have a lower cost of living than other spots, whether they're north of the city of Buffalo, east, or south.

Niche recently listed the suburbs with the lowest cost of living in Buffalo, using data from the U.S. Census and BLS.

Many of these suburbs may be off-the-beaten-path for people looking to move to a new place. Here are the top 20 suburbs with the lowest cost of living in Buffalo, for 2021, according to Niche.

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Here are the 20 suburbs with the lowest cost of living in Buffalo.

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