We still have a few weeks left in summer, technically, but as we know, the fall season is a treasured one in Western New York.

There are already fall festivals, fairs, and other events that are getting announced and planning a return in Western New York.

My fiancee absolutely adores the fall season (she's already burned some fall-scented candles) and I also enjoy it. I love the warm weather, don't get me wrong, but there's just something about the crisp fall air (not too hot or cold), and the awesome food and drinks that go along with it that make it special.

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Granted, I love haunted houses and horror movies, which adds another fun element to it, but many people will tell you that fall is their favorite season and there are reasons for that. It's truly a magical time of the year.

But what specific events are there to do in Western New York?

We are blessed to have a picture-perfect region for the fall season. The gorgeous fall foliage and the perfect temperatures make the fall experience in Buffalo unlike many; plus, it's a great region for apples, maple, and pumpkins -- keys for a great autumn!

Here are 25 great things to do this fall in Western New York and as always, let us know what we are missing!

25 Things You Need To Do in Buffalo This 2022 Fall Season

The best 25 things to do in Western New York this 2022 fall season.

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