The NFL season is officially over but we are still craving football action here in Western New York. We know that the Buffalo Bills had an amazing season and it looks like the NFL also took notice.

The NFL is currently running down their Top 100 plays of the season on Twitter. They posted the top plays from #75 to #100 and the Buffalo Bills are already in three of the plays.

Play #96 - Josh Allen shows a nice play fake and tosses a touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs against the Colts.

Play #91 - Josh Allen under pressure tosses a quick ball to Cole Beasley against Arizona.

Play #77 - Josh Norman gets tossed to the ground by a stiff arm from Derrick Henry.

Again those are only the Top plays from play #75 to 100, so I think we will be seeing a lot more of the Bills as the NFL counts down to the number one play of the year.

What was your favorite Buffalo Bills play from this past season?


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