The COVID-19 pandemic has brought all of the emotions out with it. Fear, anxiety, panic and stress are just a few of the issues we have had to deal with either internally, or in groups. There is the added physical issues of being diagnosed or tested for this elusive virus that has gripped the world. But perhaps we can use this moment in time as a great reminder of what is important and to keep things simple.

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Many are trying to plan their get-together around the new guidelines put in place to help control the spread of the virus. If you are used to a larger gathering, you may be faced with a decision of who to allow or if you should travel to another house? It is just another added stress that will ultimately push your emotions to the brink in 2020.

As for our family, my wife and our three boys have really tried to use this as an opportunity to focus on what is simple and what it takes to get us by, together.

While our boys still beg us to put on their favorite TV show and have an addiction to anything on an iPad, it has been our goal over the last few months to show them what living a more simple life can mean.

We were able to purchase some acreage when this whole thing began and are using it to hunt on, hike on and enjoy being outdoors in the FRESH air. Climbing on a dirt pile and picking apples replace the screen time that they would have while stuck inside. Like anything else, we manage our expectations with our kids. I don't expect them to camp under the stars or become pioneers overnight, but I want them to learn that there is a whole world waiting for them to explore and positive things are happening in the world around us if we look for them.


We have a large window that faces the backyard and at dusk we wait for the bats to start flying around. It is such a fun way for them to learn and costs me nothing. I find it is so rewarding. We read lots of books. Well, that is to say, we look at lots of picture books and books that have tabs that they can pull on.

Somehow, this great country has come this far, even before the days of electricity, and people made it work. Imagine having to deal with this pandemic without electricity or social media? Our founding fathers and mothers made it work by keeping it simple. If I can teach anything to our boys, it would be based on a quote that we have hanging in our living room. "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."

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