Fans of hit reality show The Voice were doubtlessly tuning in with anticipation Tuesday night (Dec. 17), not only to see which of the final four contestants would win the title, but also to enjoy a lot of really good musical performances. Season 17's last night was filled with star-studded performances which included duets with the finalists, as well as some fun standalone A-lister appearances.

A huge favorite for the ultimate title was (need we say it?) Kelly Clarkson's Jake Hoot, who was greeted at every appearance with ominous-sounding but actually adoring "hoot hoot hoot" chants. Before Hoot took the stage, the audience was treated to a montage of coach Clarkson raving over the country boy she's always wanted to mentor.

"Jake you're so good, you're like a unicorn," she enthused. I love rehearsals with Jake. He makes me feel so peaceful I love being serenaded by him...I was telling my husband in the car last night, hearing Jake say I want to thank all the Hooters out there is my favorite thing.

"I'm a hooter for life! That's right, mom. That's what I said, Hoot, Hoot, Hoot," she added.

"I'm so grateful to have Kelly as a coach," said a more measured Hoot. "She understands me as an artist. We've become true friends."

That said, Hoot did his coach proud yet again joining four-time Grammy Award winners Little Big Town for a rousing collaboration on the group's latest single, "Over Drinking." The song, which the group released in September and boasts a bit of an ominous edge, worked well with Hoot's style, as he's proven over the season he's not simply a shiny happy performer. His delivery of a devastating original detailing his divorce, which relied on bluesy and slightly rough minor chords, the night before, proved he's more than able to handle a complex composition.

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