Which is going to give you more food - Just one 18 inch pizza, or two 12 inch pizzas?  It seems pretty cut and dry, but the answer is blowing the internet up!

If you've ever sat in class and asked, "when am I actually going to use this in everyday life?"  This is where.

Math can seem pretty complicated (especially with the steps they're asking kids to take to get to an answer these days!)  Something you might not know about me is that I actually majored in math for two years in college.  It didn't last long once math became more about letters than about numbers but this is why I used to LOVE math.

On the surface, this one seems pretty easy...which is going to give you more food, one 18 inch pizza or two 12 inch pizzas?

If you're like me and you were put on the spot, you might initially respond that...two 12 inch pizzas is kind of like one 24 inch pizza right? So 2 12 inch pizzas is more pizza than just one 18 inch pizza...right?

No...it's really not.

This is why we should have paid more attention in geometry class while we were in school.


Want more pizza?  Pay attention in school.

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