Hate paying $50 for a t-shirt?  How does $5 sound?  That's a little closer to the prices you'll find at thrift shops, and here are some that you need to check out.

When we were kids we always shopped at thrift shops.  Anything to save a couple bucks...that was what we did.  If I'm being honest, I hated it.  While all my friends were wearing brand new clothes to school I was wearing hand-me-downs not only from my older brothers, but from people I didn't even know!

But it was those thrift shops that helped my parents spend their money on other things for us like trips across the country and other fun things.

Now, thrift shopping is trendy.  No one likes paying crazy prices for stuff!

There is a whole group of kids out there that love buying "vintage" things that they find.  And the glory of thrift shops is that you never know what you're going to find.  Sure, you have to look around to find some good stuff, but that's half the fun. Maybe it's a toy that you had when you were a kid that is in much better shape than the one you had.  It could be a brand new designer suit that someone simply outgrew.  There's nothing wrong with it, the people who bought it first just don't want it taking up space in their house.

They're perfect for prom shopping, people who want project furniture to re-purpose and make some money on, and people who are moving into their first homes and need dishes, furniture, and small appliances.

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