Ever miss the simplicity of your childhood? Not a lot of responsibilities, someone that takes care of you and really – summers off! One of my favorite things growing up was when I went to Girl Scout Camp every year. Looking back it wasn't really 'roughing it', but it sure felt like it at the time.

Crafts, swimming, horseback riding, sleeping in tents, hikes, campfires and everything else camp included! I loved it. I miss it. A week where the only thing you were focused on was what activity was next and when you had to write home to your parents.

A camp is now making that possible for adults to relive the days of their youth! I'm all in! Camp Throwback is located in Southwest Ohio and for a couple of days during the summer it's all about simple fun! Here's what the website stated:

"They say you can’t go back. They lied. Camp Throwback is a 21 and over, co-ed, adult sleepaway camp experience. Campers will experience 4 days of nostalgic camp activities, accompanied with music, camaraderie bonfires and bug spray. This is an alcohol friendly event. Each Camp Throwback ticket includes meals, activities and housing. Campers are encouraged to BYOB."

This is super popular and they're already sold out for this summer. Interested in next year?

Just check out their awesome camp HERE and get all the details on how you can become a camper!

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