Chris Janson is coming to town on Friday, June 8th for our WYRK Toyota Taste of Country at Coca-Cola Field.  You can bet he'll be performing his latest hit 'Drunk Girl' which tackles a sensitive topic. The video actually begins with a printed warning that the “content addresses sensitive topics that might be upsetting to some audiences,” but Janson hopes no one shies away from this difficult but important subject.

Chris tells People Country about the emotional reaction he had when he saw the video for the first time,  Janson says he wept when he saw the completed work for the first time.

“I don’t cry very easily,” he says. “But man, this one broke me down quick.” “Sometimes these things get swept under the rug,” he says. “Sometimes they get pushed so far back in the closet, nobody wants to look at it … Well guess what? It happens every day and it’s something to be thought about.”

“I shut down those bars, playing them my first year in town, and then to shut down the whole street … it was just very humbling,” Janson tells PEOPLE about the four-hour shoot in the cold, wee hours one morning in late March.

The songs subject matter centers around how men should behave towards women even if that woman is intoxicated.  The video is very powerful and the message is strong.  I commend Chris Janson for taking this on and sharing his emotions when speaking about the topic.

See Chris Janson along with Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery and Danielle Bradbery on June 8th!!


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