Much of today's Country Music has morphed into more of a hybrid of Country and Pop music.  Brad Paisley has stayed true to Country Music roots with hit songs like 'He Didn't Have To Be'  and "Mud On the Tires'.  Not only is Brad one of Country Music's most celebrated entertainers but he is a very accomplished guitar player as well.  Brad playes most of the lead guitar solos in his music which is becoming more and more rare for lead singers.  Keith Urban is another of those artist that takes the lead guitar role in his songs.

WYRK in conjunction with is giving away a trip to see and meet brad paisley in West Palm Beach Florida.  Don't be left out, sign up on the WYRK facebook page.Our top 5 Brad Paisley songs:

#5 'Mud on the Tires'

#4 'Then'

#3 'Celebrity'

#2 'He Didn't Have To Be'

#1 'Whiskey Lullaby'