Are you covered by a health insurance plan that allows you to receive the quality care you deserve? Having exceptional health insurance can help you avoid hefty medical bills that can cause financial instability or even medical bankruptcy.

Thankfully, UnitedHealthcare offers strong, stable Medicare Advantage plans, including a $0 HMO, low-cost regional PPO's, and a dual special needs plan to those with Medicare and Medicaid.

UnitedHealthcare plans also come with additional benefits like dental, vision and eyewear, hearing and hearing aids, no-cost virtual medical and mental health visits, fitness membership, an OTC benefit, food allowance, house calls, a 24/7 nursing hotline, insulin savings program, emergency response system, and more.

Plus, at UnitedHealthcare, your coverage can travel with you across all 50 states with UnitedHealthcare's Medicare National Network available on their Medicare Advantage plans.

There's a reason why more people choose UnitedHealthcare for their Medicare plans than any other insurance provider for more than 40 years: because they know that they have UnitedHealthcare's promise and commitment to helping them live a healthier life.

Interested in learning more about options through UnitedHealthcare? Contact your local UnitedHealthcare manager, Ken Sciarrino, at (716)-870-6663 or visit to search for a local agent near you today.

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