Do you think that Luke Bryan is going to be rooting for the Buffalo Bills secretly on Saturday night? Every time he is in Buffalo he talks about how much he loves Western New York. Back when last summer when he was one of the only country artists that came to Darien Lake last year, he really showed off for the Bills Mafia.

Take a look at this throwback:

As Luke Bryan put on the shirt, little by little, the crowd in Western New York kept getting LOUDER AND LOUDER AND LOUDER.

Luke Bryan has just got done talking about the Bills Mafia on the stage: "jumping off them f****** RV's and jumping on the table tops and s***". The place went insane when he mentioned the Bills. Everyone there obviously likes Luke Bryan, but that made us like him even more.

After he talked about the Bills, the girl in front of me had a t-shirt that was in a ball and she launched it at Luke. He caught it, looked at it, and realized what it was. He knew it would make the place go insane, so he put it off to the side and kind of gave her the thumbs up as if he were saying 'I'm going to do this hang on'. After a couple of slow songs, Luke went to the end of his catwalk and started putting on the Bills Mafia Shirt. As the crowd started getting a peek as to what it said, they got louder and louder.

Take a look at the video of it below:

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