The COVID 19 pandemic has forced us all to makes changes and to try to find ways to adapt. For the non-profit organizations in Western New York, it has been extra difficult to make the money that would normally make form fundraisers.
The donations that would normally come in during the year have been slowed or stopped because the events have been canceled. One organization is asking for your help and it has a tasty payoff.
I received a request to spread the word for the Cradle Beach Virtual Meat Raffle!

...we’re hosting our first ever online fundraising event, a Virtual Meat Raffle to benefit Cradle Beach! Entries are available through our website and winners will be drawn on 8/20 via Facebook live. We’ve teamed up with A&C Meat Co to put together four awesome family packages to raffle off.

This is a great way to help an organization that has helped so many kids over the years in Western New York. Cradle Beach has a great history and I am proud to say that I have been able to help them at recent events.

It was postponed this spring. But every year, Cradle Beach hosts the "Cowboys Spring Ball." A gathering/fundraiser that raises thousands of dollars for the kids at Cradle Beach. The event has been moved to fall this year. We get all of our cowboy gear on and enjoy some great Western Swing music and giveaways and enjoy a great western style evening.

The flyer below explains the meat raffle and where you can go top help support Cradle Beach in 2020!

Cradle Beach Raffle

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