One of the scariest feelings for a kid is the thought that they could be sick.  Not knowing when or if you will get better can be horrifying.  That's why St. Jude goes out of their way to not make them feel like they're sick in a hospital.

This year, we got a package from St. Jude and in the box was a pen with a strange shape on the end.  I looked at it for a minute and then it reminded me what it was.  On the end of the pen was the outline of a wagon.

Now, if you've never been to St. Jude, you might not know that wagon has a lot of significance for that hospital.

Remember what I said about the feeling a child gets when they're sick?  It's scary for them.  Because of this, St. Jude goes out of their way to do everything possible to make them feel like they AREN'T in a hospital.  So, there are no wheelchairs - only wagons.  Because who doesn't love a ride in a red wagon?  It's how they get from place to place while they are there.

It's just one of the many ways that St. Jude does what they can to make one of the scariest experiences in a child's life is just a little bit more bearable.

You can help to make sure these kids continue to get this treatment while they're sick.  Become a Partner in Hope today by calling 1-800-372-4999 right now or click here to make your donation online.

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