If you're planning on shopping today at the Walden Galleria, be prepared for a lockdown drill.It's simply practice to make sure that if a crisis does occur, mall patrons and employees will be prepared to handle it.

Look for the drill to happen today (5/10) at 10:15am.  They are held quarterly and this is the second of the year.

According to the press release from the Walden Galleria:

“Walden Galleria and Cheektowaga Police work continuously to ensure that all groups and individuals involved are properly trained and prepared if a crisis should arise,” explains Alex Corbelli, Marketing Director for Walden Galleria. “By hosting quarterly drills, it is highly important that all employees and staff members are familiar with these procedures.”

The drill is expected to only take about 15 minutes.  In 2015, the Walden Galleria and the Cheektowaga police created a method to determine threat levels in each individual store and respond accordingly.

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