If this moment does not remind us that celebrities are real people, with real feelings I'm not sure anything will. Adele had a very humbling moment during her tribute to the late George Michael singing his hit tune 'Fastlove'. She stopped in the middle of the song and told the band to stop and start over and dropped an F-bomb.

Now, we actually didn't know which curse word the singer used, because CBS taped the show on delay, just in case a swear word slipped and it was bleeped out...until now. But, Adele was clearly upset with her performance that was out of key and demanded to start the song over.

And so she did - this time singing the song flawlessly. Though when she finished she was clearly mortified by her performance… The audience gave her a standing ovation, but Adele looked utterly sad. She even turned from the audience and put her hands to her face trying not to lose it on stage.

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