This event looks like it is going to be a very cool sight and picture opportunity! Imagine hundreds and hundreds of lit lanterns at dusk! On May 26th the Water Lantern Festival is coming to the Outer Harbor. You will be able to design and create your own lantern and then cast it of at sunset . There will be music and food trucks and of course fun!

Their website describes the event as,

"While they're called many things such as lantern festivals, lights festivals, water lanterns, floating lanterns, or Chinese Lanterns - only One World Lantern Festival creates a night you won't forget. Now you can experience the magic of the floating lanterns as the soft glow reflects upon the water."

If you're worried about the lanterns just being left to float in the water, don't. That is also addressed on the website.

"All lanterns will be cleaned up after the event by our awesome staff and incredible team. In addition, they are 100% biodegradable."

This really does look like it will be a pretty event. Learn more at

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