The weather across New York State has not been all that great over the last few days.

Since Sunday, it's been cooler than normal for this time of year with cloudy skies and rain showers -- even scattered thunderstorms. The good news is that the weather should turn dry for most during the second half of Wednesday and into the weekend.

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However, Wednesday has another weather curveball that is actually something that we do not see very often and even fewer people have seen them up close and in person.

The National Weather Service made the public aware on social media that both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York State have very favorable conditions for waterspouts.

The threat of waterspouts will last through Wednesday evening.

While waterspouts are very cool to see in person, they can be extremely dangerous for boaters. The National Weather Service is sending a warming to boaters and anyone who will be out on the lakes, as the winds and waves associated with a waterspout can be dangerous.

If a warning is issued, be sure to return to harbor and get out of harm's way. It's also best to keep a radio or your phone handy to make sure you get an alert if a waterspout forms.

Waterspouts basically look like tornadoes over the water and they're fairly rare, but every now and then we get one that forms over Lake Erie or Lake Ontario.

Be aware of you're going to be on either lake today or this evening.

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