Every time we get to mid-December, people ask "will we get a white Christmas in Western New York?"

If you remember two years ago, we got a white Christmas. Snow fell starting on Christmas Eve night and then some pretty substantial lake effect snow on Christmas Day, which dropped close to a foot of snow for the holiday.

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Last year, we got some snow just before Christmas, but did not have a white Christmas. It was green grass in most places across Western New York.

This year will be a much different story.

You probably know by now that a lake effect snowstorm is coming to Buffalo and Western New York. There's a Winter Storm Watch for the region for late Friday into Sunday, which could bring anywhere from a few inches of snow to 9-10 inches of snow this weekend.

The temperatures will be cold too. Temperatures in the 20's with a stiff wind chill.

The good news for those who want a white Christmas is that the high temperature will not go above 32 degrees for pretty much the remainder of the month. Anywhere from low 20's to the low 30's is forecasted, according to The Weather Channel.

Snow is also in the forecast from December 22nd through Christmas Day, and the 23rd and 24th could see significant accumulation for the Buffalo metro.

Kevin O'Neill and Pat Hammer both say a white Christmas is happening this year for Buffalo.

I love when we get snow for Christmas and while this may end up being a little more than we would have wanted, not going to complain since nothing beats that magical feeling of a white Christmas.

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