We're still waiting for the official word from New York State on whether or not schools will be allowed to reopen for the fall.

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Two weeks ago, the state released the criteria for whether or not schools would be qualified to reopen. Regions must be in Phase 4 and the daily infection rate must be 5 percent or lower -- using a 14-day average.

According to WIVB, Springville Central School District Superintendent Kimberly Moritz is working with a committee of 30 people to "fine tune" their reopening plan.

“We worked under the assumption from the beginning here in Springville that we would need to socially distance our students and wear masks,” said Moritz.

According to WIVB, even if students are six feet apart, they will still have to wear a mask.

Even in cases of enough classroom spacing, "students should expect to wear a mask for most of all of a seven hour school day."

In Springville's case, the Springville Griffith Institute Central School District doesn't have the space to always keep students six feet apart, which means they're looking at a hybrid system of in-person and remote learning.

If schools are given the green light to reopen, it's going to be difficult for the younger students to wear a mask for most (if not all) for a seven-hour school day...

Read more of school reopening guidelines here.

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