With Buffalo being the best city for chicken wings and food (which is not up for debate), there is always a debate about who has the best wings. Everybody mentions Bar Bill, Gabriel's Gate, Elmo's, and a bunch of other notable places. But if you're going off of Yelp, you'll find a different answer.

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With a 5-star rating on Yelp, WingNutz have a claim to the best wings in Buffalo. They're holding down the number 1 spot on Yelp with the highest rating in all of Buffalo cuisine.

If you remember partying at Shenanigans on Niagara Falls Boulevard a few years back and always getting the chicken wings, you'll be familiar with them. These are the same cooks behind the fryer!

From the Wingnutz website:

Wingnutz started in our kitchen in 2005, after many disappointing visits to local eateries where the wings were either over or undercooked. Sauces were in the bottom of the serving dish mixed with the grease. Totally not what we were looking for, so we decided to have a go at a crunch for the wing that holds in the sauce and sauces that actually have flavor!

Check out the website for the history and more on the menu.

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