The big question in Buffalo is, if you are ready for progress, how much of our history are you willing to give up to get it?

Some would argue that there has to be a balance between preserving what we have and building new.  Which brings us to the question, would you prefer to keep the Skyway?  Or would you prefer to have it torn down to allow for something new to go in its place.

There are valid arguments on both sides.

On one side, it can be one of the quickest ways into and out of the city.  And already, we have put a bunch of money into it to make sure that it is safe enough for people to drive on.  Construction crews spent a good amount of last summer making improvements on it just to bring it up to code.  And even if it does get taken down, they will have to build something else to replace it.

At the same time, having it there does make it hard to develop the waterfront which we have already seen huge improvements to over the last couple years.  As a city, many people believe that if we are going to take another step forward, the Skyway has to go.

So where do you stand?  Should it stay or should it go?

If you are on the "It should stay" side, there is a petition you can sign to show your support.  A group called The Skyway Club started it at  They're hoping to get 5000 signatures, and they're currently at 3,266.

They mention multiple reasons why it should stay including environmental concerns, the cost to remove it and more.  Check them all out here.

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