Whoa! A castle in WNY? Edna Louise Liquidations has posted the estate sale of this Historic Landmark Cambria Castle in Williamsville. The castle was built by a German-born mason starting in 1918. And this is your chance to see the inside of this treasured proprety According to the website,

"it has underpinnings in Vaudeville and has had many fascinating inhabitants through the years. School children and other groups have been fortunate to tour the grounds and buildings, and the longtime owner family have been very generous in sharing this magical place. The Castle is now celebrating its Centennial, but the massive unconventional structures have suffered to some degree with this age, so the contents must be removed in order to address these issues. We are so pleased to have been allowed to present the contents in their original setting."

The castle, which includes a main building, gatehouse, tower, dungeon, and a coach house, is located on an island about four blocks south of Main Street. The original owner and builder ,Mr. Ignatz Oechsner was not able to finish the project before he passed in 1942.

It was listed that the repairs that need to be done to the property will be costly, but being a historic landmark it seems the repairs will be worth it.  See what treasures you can find both in and outside the property!

Not stated is if after the estate sale if the castle will hit the market. But until that is know this is your chance to see the grounds and maybe get some great finds.

The castle is located at 175 Oakgrove Drive and the day and hours of the sale are listed as followed:
Thursday, April 27, 9:00AM to 3:00PM
Friday, April 28,12:00PM to 5:00PM
Saturday, April 29, 9:00AM to 2:00PM

For inofromation on this estate sale visit the Edna Louise Liquidation WEBSITE.

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