Let me be perfectly clear.  This is not my list.  I am as open as it gets.  My woman can ask me anything....everything is in play!  This list comes to us from Dr. Fred Humphrey, a relationship expert!  I'm not actually sure who Mr. Humphrey works for, just found this piece in our prep service.  I'll also give you my take on these topics, which are in no particular order.#10- His balding head- Josh's Take--Listen, he probably gets enough ribbing from his buddies.  He doesn't need you picking on his sunroof!  The line that makes him feel better: "God made a few perfect heads, there rest he put hair on." Haha....it's not the truth pal.    If you're losing it, shave it off.  Don't comb-over.....you just look silly.

#9-His idea of romance- Josh's Take--Ladies, if he's not naturally romantic don't try and teach him, don't push him.....just accept whatever kind of weak romantic side your dude has.  Maybe he's embarrassed....I mean being romantic isn't a very "manly" thing.  It does help to know how to be a little romantic though guys!

#8-His waistline- Josh's Take--Believe me when I say it....Guys care about their waistline too.  Most of us just use our belt to gauge if we are blimping up a little too much.  We know we consume too much beer and red meats etc..etc.., but as long as the belt fits, we are good.  Then you have the uber-health nut, who all he cares about is his waistline and what he looks like in the mirror.  He seems like a lot of fun.  Go get 'em ladies.  Gym by 5a, 2 shakes for lunch and dinner, mirror time at 5pm, string bean dinner and off to bed!

#7-What he drinks and eats- Josh's Take--I figured to put this one here because it goes along with the previous topic. Men typically eat foods that fattening or potentially life threatening. We drink beer, soda pop and other sugary drinks.  We know that we usually overindulge in fatty meals and loads of alcohol, but it doesn't mean we need to be reminded of the issue.

#6-A more successful man- Josh's Take-- Ladies, if you bring this topic up, make sure it's not a close friend, an old college buddy or an old fling.  Try to only bring this up when referring to an actor.  We can take that much easier.  As for me, I look at it like this:  Hey, if you want that and you think the grass is greener over there....take a hike!

#5- Advice about his job- Josh's Take--  He's probably thinking..."What kind of advice can she give me?"  "She doesn't work my job or know what I do!"  True, but she knows YOU dude.  If she sees you stressed out, she may want to give a little advice.  If she knows you feel it's a dead end, she may want to give advice.  The only reason women are addressing the topic is because they care for you and want to see you do well.  Orrrr, they're thinking about the guy in #6 (see above)

#4-How he spends his money- Josh's Take-- If you have a relationship where "yours is yours and mine is mine" then there should be no problem.  Funny though....it doesn't seem to work that way.  Guys, we all know that women are the CEO of the household and all purchases have to be ok'd by the lady.  From the guy's point of view- Money is his power and a woman shouldn't question how he uses it.  He will most likely splurge on drinks or an expensive sports ticket.

#3-His share of the house work- Josh's Take-- Never a problem in my house.  I do the majority of the house work because I'm somewhat neurotic in that sense and I want it done right.  The lady loves it, she's like "knock yourself out, Crazy!"  LOL  Most guys do not like house work, they see it as a woman's job because that's the way their dads did it!

#2-His mom- Josh's Take-- You best not be talkin' bout my mama...LOL.  No, really though!  Every man's mom is his first love, so he has tendencies to measure every other woman against her.  Totally unfair, but true in a lot of cases.  It's usually a big mistake if a woman says anything but positive remarks about his mom.

#1- The way he looks at other women- Josh's Take-- It's not THAT he looks at other women, it's the WAY he looks at other women.  Okay....if he visually follows her from the moment of her appearance until she is out of sight....he is in the wrong.  It's human nature in males, but we have to fight that urge.   TIP: Sunglasses help....LOL.  Ladies need to understand, just because a man looks at a beautiful woman, doesn't mean he wants her.....He's just appreciating some of God's work....Haha