Stolen Identity of 8-Year-Old From Buffalo, NY Who Died
This is the kind of stuff you see on Forensic Files.
Joseph Newton Chandler III, was an 8-year-old from Buffalo, NY who died while playing in traffic in 1945.
Now, Cleveland Police are still trying to figure out who this guy is.
The unidentified man stole Chandler's identity in September 1978 in Rapid …
Did He Really Write This To The Buffalo News?
Way too expensive in Buffalo--but, what do you think of this one.
In the beginning of the year, one man from Cheektowaga wrote in to the Buffalo News about a complaint his niece experienced.She went to the Lion King production at Shea's during its stint in Buffalo, but when she got back to her car, w…
Date + Time For Buffalo SoupFest 2018!
Buffalo SoupFest is back!
Don't worry--there's no playoff football on that Sunday. So, if you don't mind missing the Pro Bowl, SoupFest is calling your name. When is Soup Fest in Buffalo?
SoupFest 2018
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center

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