Well, this is one you don’t hear every day. A primary school in England has banned one of the students from participating in No Shave November, the popular deed of not shaving for the month to show support for cancer survivors and victims. The catch, the boy was growing a massive mustache at 13. But, why did the school ban it?

The school system decided that the gesture was no so appropriate that Marcus Hooker keep his facial hair because none of the other students who were, well, not quite to his maturity level yet could participate.

Though, at 13, if you can grow a mustache for crying out loud let him show that sucker off.  I give him credit though. Marcus was supporting his grandfather who had survived cancer.

Here at WYRK we are participating an itchy No-Shave November to help kids out at St. Jude’s Hospital. WYRK, among other radio stations, record reps, artists like Casey James, Keifer Thompson and Frankie Ballard are helping to raise money for the families of kids in need. The money will provide unsurpassed care to children, but also support research center that specializes in finding cures for childhood catastrophic diseases. Here’s how you can help WYRK help St. Jude’s this Thanksgiving.