Opening weekend of gun season has come and gone.  My son and I were hunting our usual spot in Caneadea, NY in Allegany County. Out of the 18 people in our camp, only 2 people harvested deer: a doe and a 9 point buck. We were a little bit disappointed with our lack of success.  I think the conditions had a lot to do with it.  I spent over 17 hours in my treestand between Saturday and Sunday. It was extremely windy and from my experience, deer do not like to move when it's windy.  The wind hampers their ability to hear and to smell.  The only time I actually saw any deer was when my buddy Donnie kicked up three doe and a small buck.  Many of my fellow Caneadea hunters did not even see a deer all weekend, so I was thankful to at least see something. But that is hunting.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. We'll be back at it later in the week.....stay tuned.