Contributed by Allan Snider

Laser eye surgery has come a long way in the past 20 years. I remember taking a road trip with my dad and my uncle to Ottawa back in the mid-'90s, when my uncle decided to get laser eye surgery to correct his vision. He came out with bandages and big blocker sunglasses on. While the surgery was a success, he told me that the procedure was a little freighting.

Recently, I went up to Niagara Falls, Ontario, to LASIK PROVISION to meet with Dr. Andrew Taylor, who happens to be running a contest on to give away a free LASIK surgery and weekend in the Falls. The facility was top of the line, and the waiting room was filled with info, from brochures to actual video clips of Dr. Taylor discussing and addressing concerns and questions about LASIK eye surgery.

When I spoke with Dr. Taylor about the procedure, he made it seem as easy and non-intrusive as going in for a standard flu shot.

My first questions was if LASIK PROVISION still uses blades as part of the surgery. Dr. Taylor's short answer was no: At LASIK PROVISION, they use a bladeless laser technique that helps create a thinner and more uniform flap and ultimately has alleviated the “fear of the blade.”

The other question I had was about who would make a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Dr. Taylor responded that anyone, from someone with bad astigmatism or nearsightedness to someone who just needs glasses for reading, can benefit from refractive surgery.

“What is exciting now in refractive laser eye surgery is the safety of the procedure and the range of treatment options now available for patients," Dr. Taylor said. "It is rare that a patient cannot benefit from refractive surgery."

After my experience at LASIK PROVISION and learning more about the procedure, I am definitely sending my friends and family their way. For more information, check out our “See the World Through Your New Eyes” contest in the WYRK Country Club.