Miranda Lambert took to her website to kick some rumors of her new weight loss. She recently dropped some weight that you may have seen earlier this month at the CMA Awards. She's always been one to embrace her figure such as when she was being critcized for being over-weight a couple years later. But, of course being a celebrity comes negitive press and Miranda Lambert wanted to squash all the negitive and false press of how she lost her weight:

Though I NEVER care what the tabloids have to say about me… I wanted to address this certain story they are running this week and set the record straight. I DID NOT have surgery to lose weight. That is ridiculous. I lost my weight the healthy and good old fashioned way. Watching what I eat and working out with my trainer Bill Crutchfield. As for the assumed number of pounds lost…? I don’t even know! Like I have always said, it’s not about a scale, it’s about how you feel and how your jeans fit. And on November 10th when I turned 30, my skinny jeans were finally baggy! Mission accomplished! So for anyone who is tempted to read the “Trash Talk”please don’t. I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size. Thanks for the support yall!



Good for her!