Our WYRK acoustic shows are my favorite of all the concerts we are involved in. These shows give you a chance to see up and coming Nashville stars before they make it really big. The format that we do is what is known down South as a "guitar pull", where three or more performers will take turns each doing a song on acoustic guitar. The magic of these shows is that you never know what you are going to hear. Obviously, you are going to hear a performers "hit" songs, but also a few of their personal favorites.

Last nights line-up featured three performers who in one way have a lot of similarities but in another way are each very unique. Of the three performers from last night, I felt that Craig Campbell was perhaps a little bit uncomfortable on stage last night. Don't get me wrong, I thought he sounded great, but I think he may have been put off by the format. It's hard for a singer to start to get into a groove and then have to stop after that song and wait for the two others to play before you can sing another song.  Jerrod Niemann seemed to be the most comfortable on the stage last night. Not to take away from Brett Eldredge and Craig Campbell, but Jerrod Niemann really knocked me out with his personality. I felt he was the most genuine of the three. I truly enjoyed all the performers from last night.

After the show, we took Brett, Craig and Jerrod out for wings and beers. Jerrod and I sat down and talked music for a few hours. We just really hit it off. he told me about how he used his road band to record his latest album. That is something that is RARELY done in Nashville. Most of the music you here on WYRK features the same studio musicians who gobble up all the studio work in music city. I told Jerrod I was proud of him for going against the grain and doing things his way. We need to see more guys like him in Nashville. I am sure we are going to be hearing his music for a long, long time.

A big THANK YOU to all of our WYRK listeners who donated food to the Food Bank of WNY. They were overwhelmed by the amount of food they received last night. The most they have ever received at one of our shows. WYRK people are the best in the world!