Just before I left work this past Friday, I grabbed a copy of the "Act of Valor" soundtrack, which is loaded with country music.  As most of you may already know, Keith Urban's song "For You", was the song chosen to be released as a single to radio.  Most, or I should say, all of the songs on the album are about our military men and women.  For those of you who are in the military or have loved ones in the military, you'd really connect with some of these songs.  Track 2- by Sugarland- "Guide Me Home" is a great song--one of my 3 favorite on the soundtrack.  One song that really stuck out is called "Where We Left Off" and it's performed by Hunter Hayes.  This kid.... is a real talent.  See what you think.  The first video is just the album version of the song.  The 2nd video is Hunter performing it live.

"Where We Left Off"- album cut

"Where We Left Off"-Live