What's the most important thing on Super Bowl Sunday?  Most people would say the game, but on some lists it only comes in fourth behind parties, commercials and betting.  And what's the most important thing about parties?  Some people would say beer because Americans drink a lot of it on Super Bowl Sunday.

According to Big Lead Sports Americans will drink 50 million cases of beer.  That's enough beer to fill Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis half way full.  And a cost of $10.8 billion it's enough to buy 10 B-2 stealth bombers. 

94 percent of that beer on Super Bowl Sunday will be domestic brands - Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Budweiser, Miller Lite and Natural Lite.

And because when you drink all that beer you have to get rid of it, Super Bowl Sunday will mean 1.4 billion trips to the bathroom and more than 2 billion gallons of water to flush it away. 

58 percent of people say they go to the bathroom during the game so they won't miss the commercials. 

7 million people will call in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl. 

SOURCE: Big Lead Sports