That’s what I thought when I first heard about the American Country Awards and that’s exactly what show host Trace Adkins told USA when asked about the awards. Then after realizing that fans are the people who will determine tonight’s winners, Trace said “yes we do need another award show, where fans vote not industry insiders who have agendas and political motivations”.

Another thing that sets this awards show apart from the others are its categories, not just the traditional Male/Female vocalists but there are categories like favorite tour and such.  Plus the show is a 2 hour program not the traditional 3 hour event so producers say it will move along nicely.  But nobody is talking about this award show; I’ve barely seen one advertisement for it.  Umm no advertising for the show?  Well if industry insiders have no stake in tonight’s outcome why would they advertise the show? You’d think the Fox network would’ve blasted us with show promos after seeing how many viewers tuned in to the CMA awards In November.  Well I guess like the voting, Fox has left it up to the fans to find the show so they can watch to see if their favorites win. The American Country Music Awards air tonight at 8.  You can watch a live stream of the red carpet arrivals starting at 6:30 at