This is a tear jerker for sure. A young boy has written a  letter to Santa asking him to get the kids in his school to stop picking on his sister.According to TV station KTLA:

Dear Santa … I wanted a (remote control) car and helicopter, but I don’t want that anymor. Kid at school are still picking on Amber and its not fair,” he wrote. “I prayed that they will stop but god is bisy and needs your help.”

No doubt that kids can be pretty mean to each other. This is a perfect example of when it goes too far. The mother of these two beautiful kids does what any good parent would do that loves her kids...make sure to give them the proper love and motivation and encouragement that they need.

"I try to build up my daughter's self-esteem and tell her she is beautiful, but people say hurtful things to me, because I also have a weight problem, and that hurts me," she said. "I can't imagine what she goes through."

But sadly, in today's world, that simply is not enough. I think that it takes an entire community to support the progression of self esteem.It is so cliche but so all starts at home.Can't help but get emotional after reading this letter...