“The 4th weekend at the Great Pumpkin Farm was filled with excitement as area schools competed in the Annual Trebuchet Contest.  Each school built catapults and competed to see who could come up with the best design to launch pumpkins. 

 It was Pioneer taking the crown this year, edging out Williamsville South, in both the Longest Shot (354 feet) and Combined Distance results (1028 feet).  Each school battled Wet and Windy conditions on Sunday, but that did not stop the competitive spirit of these local students!  In the Storming the Castle competition, Nichols School brought home the win as they shot their pumpkin successfully through the castle door.  There is still plenty of excitement to come at the Great Pumpkin Farm over the next few weeks.  Open Daily from 10AM to Dusk, I can’t wait till next weekend’s World Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest!”