New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban super-sized soft drinks at his city's restaurants.  Specifically, he's talking about sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces. In his mind, that's the key to obesity.  He thinks people are getting fat because they drink sugary soda pop.  With a ban on the big drinks, does he think people are going to shape up? It's just dumb. 

What's next?  A ban on large french fries?  Why not ban french fries all together?  Why not ban Big Macs?  There's a whole lot of calories in a Big Mac.  Ban 'em.  Fried chicken?  Outlaw it -- a lot of calories there.  Let's not get started with chicken wings.  There are about 80 calories per chicken wing.  Why not just ban everything that's fried?

So it all comes down to big soft drinks for Mr. Bloomberg.  There's already way too much government regulation on everything.  When and where does it end?  It smacks of fascism.  Find something or someone to blame, and target it until you defeat it.  Then move on to the next cause and victim.

If somebody is thirsty, let 'em have a big soft drink, for God's sake.  If you ban the big cups, what's to prevent somebody from consuming two or more 16-ounce drinks?  How do you handle restaurants that have self-serve soda fountains?  Will it mean those restaurants have to hire "pop cops?"  Why not create another government agency to send out monthly vouchers that will limit monthly soda intake?

You can't regulate health.  You can encourage people to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, but some people will just never respond.  Mr. Bloomberg, give it up.