Here's the thing ladies, the guys always rave about their amazing bachelor parties, when little do they know how amazing our bachelorette parties are (or at least how good they can be)! All you need to do is look for the right places and be ready to party! I mean come on, it might be one of the best nights with your girls that you will have in a long time... OK, maybe that's exaggerated but you never know. So live it up!

Recently, I have been to a number of bachelorette parties, that I feel like I am an expert (or at least becoming one). For anyone that is going to a bachelorette party in the near future, be ready for anything!

Finally before I grace you with my top 5 bachelorette ideas I want to remind the bride's maides... This is probably your best friend that you are seeing off to the married life!! Make sure you giver her a night she will never forget! OK, now down to business

Top 5 Bachelorette Parties

5. House Party-

The boys don't have to be the only ones to plan a rager with some side fun! Not to mention, for anyone with a budget this can be an amazing idea. You don't have to pay for the spot... since it is your home, and if people need a place to crash you're at a house, enough said! Obviously for the bigger parties you might want to pre-arrange hotel rooms so that you don't have 30 women crammed into one house. As much as us girls love a slumber party, it might not be ideal with all crowds!

4. Rent A Limo For Bar Hopping-

Let's be honest, getting a Designated Driver for everyone can be the best idea ever. This way everyone can enjoy the night without worrying about getting from place to place! The other plus about this idea is that a group of girls out in Buffalo will always be welcomed with open arms at, I'd say, any bar in Buffalo! Here's the catch though, if you are the one planning the bachelorette, and you like this idea, call the bars you plan on stopping in at a head of time! And I'm not talking the day of or a couple nights before. Call about a month before and see what they have to offer! Some bars love the idea that you will be bringing a bride to be into their bar with a bunch of girls looking to drink and they might cut you a deal... or at least comp you cover at the door!
Limousine Services in Buffalo

3. Rent A Room In A Bar-

A few places around Buffalo will do this! Two places I can think of off the top of my head for an amazing time and great drinks would have to be Pearl Street Grill and Brewery and Coles Restaurant on Elmwood! Both of these bars are in great locations, Pearl Street being located on Peal Street right by Buffalo's amazing FREE train and Coles Restaurant which is located on the Elmwood strip! Their location makes it very easy to let the night take you where ever the bride to be might want to go! Yet, the planned party will be classy and fun! Once again I would still call the surronding bars, just incase the ladies want to do something after the initial party!

2. A Relaxing Night At A Restaurant-

There are many fine places to Dine in Buffalo. That being said, if you know your bride to be is just looking for a relaxing night with the girls that does not include a lot of drinking, pick her favorite restaurant and see if they are willing to host a bachelorette party! Some great places for this would be:
The Melting Pot
Pearl Street Grill and Brewery
Encore Restaurant

1. Peppermints Nightclub-

I had to save the best for last! If you know your bride to be is one of the wild ones, or maybe the opposite, yet you know she would have a blast once she loosens up! Then look into Peppermints Nightclub. Hot men, all your closest friends, and a few drinks to see your friend off to her wedding day! Enough said! OH, and remember you will be in Niagara Falls so once again, just let the night take you where you want to go! Who knows maybe you will end up in Canada... Just make sure everyone can get back!
Check out the Men at this fine establishment! Peppermints Nightclub

Well there it is! The top 5 best ideas for a Buffalo Bachelorette Party! Just always remember an amazing night takes time and planning... so don't wait until last minute to give your best friend the night of her life! You want her to talk about this night for the rest of her life.