I found this little bitty in our morning prep.  It's a short guide to dealing with your boss and it's backed by a group of psychiatrists (or so the article says).  According to these professionals, there are certain days of the week that are better to ask for days off, certain days to ask for a raise and so on..... Here is what the psychiatrists had to say.....Monday- It's a good day to ask for vacation time.  The big boss man/woman has just come off of an enjoyable weekend and he/she might be in a better mood to give you some time off for yourself.

Tuesday- That's the day for bad news!  Breaking the bad news gently on a Tuesday gives the boss the rest of the week to clean up your mess.  You should help too!

Wednesday- This is the day to ask for a raise!!  In a survey of managers, they said that they felt most charitable on Wednesdays.

Thursday- That's the day to present the boss with any new ideas you may have. The big wigs seem to be more open-minded on Thursdays.

Friday- Friday is the day to ask for favors.  Shoot....It's Friday!!!  Bosses want to get the heck out just like you!!!


(Radio Online)