I had to make sure this wasn't some joke. But it turns out that this story, all though weird, is true! I guess the tooth fairy was a little too late making her rounds one night and a boy's tooth had found it's way in to his ear!The amazing part is that the kid walked around for 3 years with a tooth lodged in to his ear. According to ABC News...

After the boy initially lost the tooth, he placed it under his pillow, but during the night he woke up highly distressed, claiming the liberated dentistry had been inserted into his left ear. The parents pooh-poohed his fears, dismissing them as a bad dream. But when they couldn’t locate the missing incisor, did they take the boy more seriously?

No, they did not. Instead they allowed their son to suffer a leaky schnozzle for nearly three years

I never understood how the tooth fairy was able to be so sneaky and never wake me up after I had left a tooth for her. And by the way, what are teeth going for these days? Does the fairy still leave a quarter or two? Or are we talking dollars these days?