I am shocked.  As you may have heard, I've been taking part in the Gentle Slim Showdown with Joe Parisi (The owner of Buffalo Laser Spa).  I just got my final measurements yesterday and I was so happy with them, I had to share them with you.

I still haven't heard Joe's results but I know that I knocked off over 9.5 inches from my abdomen with Gentle Slim - the non invasive fat removal program.  The biggest question I get is, "Seriously...does this thing work?"  See for yourself.  Before is on the left, after my 4 weeks of treatments is on the right:

(Buffalo Laser spa)


I understand I still don't look like a fitness model but I see definite improvement after just 4 weeks.  And while I put a lot of effort into winning this competition, I didn't have to give everything up.  It's not like I ate just veggies and drank water the whole time (although, I did drink A LOT of water).  I was able to still eat s'mores with my kids around a campfire, and a little pizza too.  For the most part I did give up alcohol but was able to have a few here and there.  The idea is to not go crazy with it.  Just like any weight management program, you will get out of it what you put into it.

(Buffalo Laser Spa)

Would I suggest you try it?  Absolutely.  I think the results speak for themselves.  On top of it all, I lost about 10 pounds over 4 weeks.

(Buffalo Laser Spa)

Give them a call and start slimming down now.  Call 262-8232 to make your appointment at Buffalo Laser Spa & Cheryl's Hair Removal Center today!