My family and I were blessed with a gift for a vacation at Niagara Falls' Great Wolf Lodge last weekend.  It was incredible!  If your family loves water parks, I would highly suggest it.  But there's something you should watch out for if you don't want to be embarrassed like me!

While we were enjoying ourselves at the park I look down and my son is starting the dance.  You know the one I'm talking about.  The dance that says if you don't get to a toilet  in the next 30 seconds, you're going to have a mess to clean up.  And it was my turn to go with him.

So off we went to the closest restrooms we could find without running (because that's the rules by the pool).  It was a setup where there was one main entrance, then there were three restrooms.  There was one men's room, a ladies room, and a family changing station.

I turned left to head into the men's room.  I looked straight ahead and saw the sign, continued straight ahead towards the sign and into the room that appeared to the left of the sign.  As we quickly headed into the room I looked around for the urinals.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  We walked past the lady at the sink and continued looking.  Wait.  The LADY at the sink?  What the heck?  Why is there a lady at the sink?  Wait.  Why is there a bra hanging right....oh my.  I'm in the wrong restroom aren't I?

I drew a picture so you could see where I would make the mistake:

Immediately I said right out loud, "Am I in the wrong place?"  It was obvious that I was.  I'm not really sure why I would bother to say it.  But before a lady could answer me, I was out the door.

My face has never been so red!  I felt so bad.  It takes a lot to embarrass me.  That experience definitely did it for me!  I think my son is old enough to start going by himself from now on.