What do women look for in a man? If they're looking for tender loving care from a guy who's aware of a woman's feelings and needs, Buffalo is a good place to find one.

After research, the dating website chemistry.com has revealed a Top 10 list of cities to find a sensitive man and Buffalo ranked fifth.

The article says sensitive men value loyalty, duty, respect and proper moral conduct. "They want to do the right thing" and go out of their way to keep social relationships running smoothly. They have a natural ability to watch, listen and analyze what they need to do to help others. They're all qualities of a "sensitive" man. 

Here's the list of Top 10 Cities to find a "sensitive" man:

  • 1

    Pompano Beach, Florida

  • 2

    Roanoke, Virginia

  • 3

    West Hollywood, California

  • 4

    Nashville, Tennessee

  • 5

    Buffalo, New York

  • 6

    Sarasota, Florida

  • 7

    Greenville, South Carolina

  • 8

    Wilmington, North Carolina

  • 9

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 10

    Staten Island, New York